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    "Now all we need is to continue to speak the truth fearlessly, and we shall add to our number those who will turn the scale to the side of equal and full justice in all things." - Lucy Stone AFCC search results

Google: “Which Private Corporation Runs Family Courts?”

“Results Found: O ” . As one mom says, “What the what”?! Such a long and involved history of one private corporation running family courts in Connecticut; the folks at The Connecticut Law Tribune apparently know nothing about the AFCC; and, this post will stay on top of the posts on the homepage of this … Continue reading

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  From Communities Digital News:    CONNECTICUT, April 8, 2014 — According to Massachusetts attorney Maureen Martowska, her son Matthew Martowska was going through a difficult custody case for several years when she noticed something irregular on guardian ad litem Barry Armata’s bills in 2012.  Attorney Martowska could not understand why the Connecticut State Comptroller would purportedly cut … Continue reading

League of Women Voters Boston Chapter Hosts: Spring Speaker Anne Stevenson

March 20, 2014 . . .

From The League of Women Voters, Boston Chapter: You are cordially invited to meet and listen to Pulitzer Prize contender author and Huffington Post columnist Anne Stevenson. The League of Women Voters Boston Chapter Hosts: Spring Speaker Anne Stevenson on March 20 2014, Thursday evening 6:30-7:30pm, Brighton Public Library, MA Anne Stevenson is a Boston … Continue reading

“Women need to know the strategies that are implemented by lawyers such as myself who represent alleged perpetrators." Attorney Herb Viergutz

Q: Do Family Courts Use a Controversial Theory? A: Yes.

by Julia Fletcher This past January, Al Jazeera America published the article entitled, “Do Courts Use a Controversial Theory to Punish Mothers who Allege Abuse?”  The answer is: “Yes!” And, here’s an even more important question: “Where’s the United States of America’s mainstream media’s investigation and coverage of the family court crisis?” (Refresh the page if … Continue reading

Wendy Murphy. (2007) And Justice For Some: An Expose of the Lawyers and Judges who Let Dangerous Criminals Go Free.


“In the absence of meaningful oversight by the states, federal oversight agencies such as the DHHS and the DOJ must step in and investigate.” Wendy Murphy, JD

To find an upcoming screening, visit:

Dr. Drew: Get This Conversation Going

“What bothers me more than anything as a physician, if this sort of chummy relationship existed between doctors and any other providers of services,  there would be outrage.”                                                        … Continue reading

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Attention: Protective Parents in Family Courts

From Downtown Oklahoma City Examiner : December 20, 2013 by Diana Winslow  Concerned parents were elated this week when a much awaited segue for them to speak came forward as an invitation from the federal government, asking for clarifications on identified problems with child human rights in court, family rights in court and the lack of a … Continue reading

Connectcut Task Force Meeting December 10, 2013

Task Force Member: Might be a Year-Long Thing

For the last two months, Connecticut has held open meetings to find better ways protect children in that state’s family courts. Although the original plan was to have the study done by January, task force member Ms. Jennifer Verraneault says, “It might be a year-long thing.”  As Ms. Verraneault spoke those words, most task force … Continue reading

BC case

Newsflash: “Children of tender years should be believed.”

From British Columbia’s CBC News: “. . . It was, it was like, one professional described it: ‘Kafkaesque’ is the best term that comes to mind. It’s as if the people involved were just twisting everything,” the mother said. Jack Hittrich, the mother’s lawyer, says the Ministry of Children and Family Development was negligent, reckless, … Continue reading

Danish painting

Family Court in Denmark

From TV 2 | ØSTJYLLAND : On Thursday transmitter TV 2 | ØSTJYLLAND documentary “The secret network”. About 450 women in Denmark are fighting to protect their children from the children’s fathers. One of the key figures behind the network is Sidsel Lyster, the now former pastor of Tirstrup in Jutland. The women are ready to … Continue reading

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LIVE from Argentina: Truth About So-Called PAS

From the Office of The Comptroller General of the Republic of Argentina:  The conference on Parental Alienation Syndrome will air live on the website ISCGP this Friday, November 15 from 9:45 AM. Follow the event online through the website of the Institute of Public Management Control:  The conference will take place in the Auditorium of … Continue reading

freemasons revealed assembly

Good ol’ Boys vs. Good News

by Julia Fletcher Those who keep secrets have silenced us and we’ve allowed it to happen. Secret organizations of a few people in each office, a few hundred people in each state, a few thousand in each country, and who knows how many thousand around the world, rule the rest of us. Decisions are made behind closed … Continue reading

Lakota Child Rescue Project

“Something is going on. Something that shocks the conscience is happening …” Chase Iron Eyes From The Lakota Child Rescue Project: One afternoon in 2008, Janice Howe—a Dakota Indian—waited at the bus stop for her grandchildren to come home from school. They never arrived. Earlier that day, a social worker had taken Janice’s grandchildren. They … Continue reading

Saving Children in Spain

Gardner’s Spain

Computer translation Spanish to English from: La Justicia Española Frente Al Abuso Sexual Infantil En El Entorno Familiar. Save the Children, 2012.  SAVE THE CHILDREN An analysis of cases in the light of international human rights standards I. OBJECTIVES AND QUESTIONS RESEARCH The research is conducted to achieve the following objectives: • Assess whether the judicial … Continue reading

EU Parliament

A Very Strong and Clear Signal

Wonderful news of progress from Safe Kids International: European Parliament Votes 20 to 1 to Approve Working Document with Recommendations to Help Stop Court Licensed Abuse! “The Working Document indicates that the Danish Parental Responsibility Act . . . sometimes creates perverse effects . . . whereby mothers risk being imprisoned for protecting their child … Continue reading

Congressional Briefing October 2, 2013 (Part 1)

“… the leading country in the world …”

From Mothers of Lost Children: Congressional Briefing October 2, 2013 (Part One) Congressional Briefing October 2, 2013 (Part Two)  (Part Three)  (Part Four)

Morris Ernst ACLU Kinsey

Kinsey’s Family Court #Shutdown

by Julia Fletcher What does the family court crisis have to do with our reputation in half the world as “Infidels!”? Dr. Judith Reisman knows. She’s been researching this and speaking up about it for years. Here she is speaking about it in January of this year at Liberty University. Fourteen years ago, in an article published in the … Continue reading

Congressional Briefing October 2

Congressional Briefing: Protecting Children of Divorce and Separation

From Eileen King, Executive Director, Child Justice, Inc. : INVITATION TO A BRIEFING OCTOBER 2, 2013: Protecting Abused Children of Divorce and Separation Please join us on Wednesday October 2, 2013 from 10:30 to 11:30 A.M. in room 2226 of the Rayburn HOB for a Congressional briefing on Protecting Abused Children of Divorce and Separation. Find … Continue reading

Eliminating Protections

Eliminating Legal Protections for Women & Children

“Prior to the adoption of the American Law Institute’’s Model Penal Code by the states,  men who raped and preyed on children were deemed criminals,  not simply ““actors”” as they are today. Abused and violated women and children were victims, not ““complainants.”” Justice was meted out by a jury of one’’s peers, not by social science ““experts”” and predators received penalties, not … Continue reading

Professional Ideals for Ohio Lawyers and Judges

“Professional Ideals for Ohio Lawyers and Judges”

September 24, 2013 at 9:00 A.M.  Courtroom #2 8th District Court of Appeals  One Lakeside Avenue, Cleveland Oh 44113 CLEVELAND, OHIO – The 8th District Court of Appeals will hear a request  to vacate Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court Judge Judith Nicely’ s order awarding sole custody of a 9-year-old girl and 10-year-old boy to their … Continue reading


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